Regardless of what your website design needs are, Genesis is one of the leading web design company in Qatar, can assist you with developing exactly what you need for your business and online marketing strategies. We can assist you with designing of your website and development needs that you are looking for.

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We don’t part with you after building fabulous websites. We standby to support, maintain and promote it. All of these is executed in a methodical way, through seven important phases.

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website design company in qatar

Information Gathering

Information gathering is the main process that deals in advancement of web design and development. Decisions made here are reflected in the final result, manages as much data from clients.

A clear knowledge about the company, its objectives and strategies are collected in this stage.



Planning accordingly with all the information gathered in the initial stage of web development, before you start to design content, a sitemap lets you plan what the structure will resemble. This assists with arranging as well as helpful to the client experience.

A website sitemap is created in this phase. Once the sitemap is finished, the other portion of this progression is to make a wire-frame or model. It's a significant advance phase since it is similar to the skeleton of your site.

web development company in qatar
best web design company in qatar


At this stage, we send you the design for reviewing and approving the web design template until you are satisfied with the design. This is the right time to make changes, not after the design has been coded and developed.

Determining the entire look and feel of the web design, embedding elements like logo of the company, colors that enhance brand identify of website development. Design graphics, typography, colors, animations, buttons, drop-down and pop-up menus, and more as per the project requirement and needs.



Building designs with graphic elements from the approved web design template prototype and developing the actual, website design and development as mentioned in web design phase.

Implementing interactive elements such as interactive forms, buttons implemented, made functional during website builder phase. You will be able to view the entire web design in the given URL and can suggest any additional changes or correction.

website design qatar
web development company qatar


At this point, testing the entire website design with the final design. Testing the complete functionality with browser compatibility issues (issues between different web browsers), ensuring that the website is optimized with most recent browser versions.

With the final approval of launching the website, it is time to deliver the site. Testing is again initiated to ensure all files have been uploaded correctly, and the website continues to function full fledge. This marks the official launch of site, as it is now viewable to the users.



Website development is not yet over, though. Ways to bring repeat visitors to your site offers new content and products on a regular basis.

If this interests you, we will be more than happy to continue working together with an annual maintenance contract to update the information on website.

We offer maintenance packages at reduced rates for web design, based on how often you anticipate making changes or additions to website development.

web development company in qatar
website development qatar


After we’ve created a brand new website, we set out to drive traffic to website with SEO, SEM and SMM. Along the way, we continuously measure results and take steps to improve website and online marketing services to increase your ROI.

website development company in qatar

Static Website Development

Static websites are HTML websites with fixed information and graphics. Genesis is one among the best web design companies in Qatar with specialized web designing team experts in creating successful digital marketing campaigns and web design architecture that leads to website conversions. Static website designs with professional web designers with interactive and informative design concepts.

Genesis Web Design Company Qatar specializes in designing website with innovative ideas and corporate web design themes and concepts. Our expert web designers in Qatar provide unique and creative designs that delivers concepts according to the business sectors.

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Dynamic Website Development

Professional dynamic web development company in Qatar with interactive and user- friendly web designs with complete dynamic functionality. Skilled team of website designers and web developers use advanced programming languages to create best customizable interface websites with security features.

Dynamic website development services, admin can easily create and update website content and even add images without any specific knowledge of IT. User-friendly dynamic website design and development, easy access the control for making all changes, easy to manage, highly scalable and full website control.

Features of Web design and Development

web design
Mobile Friendliness
website design
Quick Loading Times
web design company
Search Engine Optimised
website design company
Planned Information Architecture
web design agency qatar
Browser Compatibility
web designing company
Effective Navigation

Redesigning Website

Websites play a significant part in the development of a company. Websites are one of the significant highlights to get continuous advantages and real-time benefits. As an integral part of promoting, it requires change according to the growth, in additional to its add on services and development. By changing all the features by updating new trends in web design and development, it stays appealing and attract new users with increase in site traffic. To build the performance of the website, it is important to add changes in the existing features.

All the current features should discover the valuable highlights. All the features that are found to require upgrades, should be re-designed productively to meet all the specification for business. Proficient website redesign upgrades are important to understand the customers’ expectations.

Advantages of Re-Design of Website :-

  1. Re-establishing your company's identity online.
  2. Increment and improve your company's visibility online, potential clients and new visitors from search engines.
  3. Remind clients, and keep them engaged with your busines offers.
  4. Making it simpler for customers to buy or associate with you by planning a website that is user-friendly and responsive.

Web Services

Qatar web design company

Web Application

Genesis web app development company equipped with web application development of diverse requirement solutions going from corporate websites to custom web applications and from enterprise portals to e-Business solutions.

Ecommerce Website

Being one of the best ecommerce web development company in Qatar, Genesis provides satisfactory ecommerce solutions to various business industries. e-commerce website design company, incorporating new collections with various effectively developed B2B and B2C projects.

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web designer Qatar

Web Hosting

Website and Mobile app hosting company in Qatar. Host your website with the leading best secure and reliable web hosting services in Qatar.

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