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Open your store to the world by combining easy-to-use POS and Inventory Advertising with the world's best e-commerce platforms. Manage your online and in-store operations from one location to another while launching your brand in new markets.

  • Sync your inventory level with your online store.
  • Publish products online directly
  • View orders online

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Point of Sale Application Development Company

Genesis Advertising is fast, user-friendly and allows you to make sales, make payments and manage inventory from anywhere in the store – whether you're on the sales floor or behind the counter.

More than just a POS system for clothing stores, Genesis Advertising helps you serve your customers faster. You can set up Quick Keys so that all your most popular products are just one tap away. It's easy to scale and manage your entire operation. Link your POS boutique to your online store, add more outlets or locations, and manage everything from one convenient system to another.

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Our on Demand web and mobile application products offers a wide range of advanced features, dashboards and
management tools.

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